How To Eradicate Parasites From Aquarium Water Naturally?

It is not easy to find meaningful information on aquarium fish parasites and diseases since very less scientific study has been done on the same. It gets more complicated as the tolerance levels of various fishes can vary depending on their species. But, there are some natural procedures with which one can prevent as well as treat both internal as well as external parasites. These were proved to be safe for several other species. So, let’s start with a few ways that can be used for preventing growth of parasites in fish aquariums:

  • The first thing that you can do is quarantine the new fishes and observe them closely to know any sign of illness or diseases.
  • Then look for some high quality diet and keep away from any heavily processed food items as these can easily spoil health of your fishes. Remember, every fish has a different tolerance level towards processed food and also it is not their natural food. So, keep it at bay.
  • Adopt the practice of keeping your aquarium clean. You can start by changing water frequently and keep good filter in water.
  • Lastly, learn what kind of environment is most suitable for fishes and try to provide them with it. It would keep them away from unwanted stress and help them survive and thrive better than others.

These are a few practices that would help in keeping any kind of parasitic growth away. Next, you will need to learn to naturally cleanse the digestive system of fishes. It is important to adopt this practice as it can easily lead to parasitic development. Pathogens easily develop in digestive tract be it humans or fishes, these thrive on toxins, undigested proteins, unnatural mucus, and high processed foods. You would need to make efforts to nurture a healthy digestive systems. Feed your fishes with high quality, whole, low-processed food items. It should closely resemble the wild feeding habits of the fishes you have in your aquarium.

For natural cleansing of their digestive system you can always feed them with calcium montmorillonite clay that expels parasites with great ease. It not only cleanses their digestive system but also makes it less inviting for parasites. It enhances the alkalinity of digestive tract and offer digestible minerals and reduces the chances of parasitic infections.

In case, you wish to look out for natural treatment of internal fish parasites. The most impressive parasitic treatment includes several ingredients since many of these only eradicate some specific kind of parasites or their eggs. You can always prepare an anti-parasite gelatin bound food on your own. Not only will it helps in expelling and repelling parasites from fishes but will also provide strength to their immunity and would help in keeping any kind of secondary infections at bay.

You can also blend anti-parasitic foods with nutrient dense, whole, and easily digestible food items. If you wish to prevent any such infection for long time, you can always come up with a food recipe that has milder anti-parasitic foods as well as some immunity enhancing food products.

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