“Ultrazone 360” Electronic Waterproof Ballast

“Ultrazone 360” Electronic Waterproof Ballast

Replacement Electronic Waterproof Ballast for the “Ultrazone 360” Ozone Generator

One Year Warranty.


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All of the Ultrazone Ozone Generators are available with Standard as well as Waterproof Ozone Ballasts. Both feature Intelligent Electronic Design.

Ozone is by far the best way to boost your water quality. Ultrazone Series Ozone Generators clean up aquarium water by removing unwanted organic decay, proteins and pollutants. By eliminating harmful organics, ozone increases the longevity of all marine life.

The Ultrazone Series Ozone Generators manufacture ozone by passing oxygen molecules over a specially designed light source. The active oxygen creates superior water quality providing aquarium inhabitants with a clean environment for living and reproducing.

These generators Do Not require an air dryer as is the case with other ozone generators.


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